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Quality worksmanship is often over promised and under delivered. At Gregs Auto Body Repair Center we prefer to "under" promise and OVER deliver! >>>


At Greg's Auto Body Repair you will see seasoned professionals working in a very established environment.. >>>


With more than 40 Years in the same city and business profession, Greg's Auto Body Repair has seen it all. >>>

Complete Auto Body Services

At Greg's Auto Body Shop, you get one-stop auto body repair centers with unparalleled knowledge and experience in auto restoration and repairs. Guaranteed For As Long As You Own Your Car!

Whether it’s a basic patch up from an old repair job, a minor scratch, a full repair from an accident, or even a frame straightening, at Greg's Auto Body Shop, you have access to a complete body repair service center with the convenience of two locations and leading technologies that help us return your vehicle to industry standards.

auto collision service
Auto Collision Specialist
At Greg’s Auto Body we deliver quality auto repair services and exceptional customer service. When repairing your vehicle, we pay attention to every detail to ensure your satisfaction. Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to guarantee that your vehicle is repaired properly to specific industry standards, and restored to pre-accident condition.
auto body repair
Auto Body Repair
Whether you want to economically restore your older vehicle's original appearance, touch up your vehicle's finish for resale, or return your damaged newer car back to showroom condition, at Greg’s Auto Body, we have the perfect repair, experience, and pricing options available at two convenient locations.
bumper repair
Bumper Repair
Whether you are looking for a fender repair from an accident, you're tired of looking at that scraped bumper, or you have a vehicle that you want to sell or return the lease, we will expertly repair your auto body and have it looking like new in no time.
classic car restoration
Fleet Services
Fleet Service auto body repairs can often slow down production and increase costs while organizing and waiting for the vehicle to be examined and repaired. Not only do you have to arrange for your insurance vehicle examiner but you have the added expense and loss of time in organizing all the parties involved. Let us help you. Speak to a Greg's Auto Body Fleet Specialist today!
frame straightening
Frame Straightening
A bodyshop should focus on craftsmanship and design when it comes to aligning and repairing modern vehicles, installing parts, and using technologically advanced materials. That’s why Greg’s Auto Body owns and uses industry leading Car-O-Liners measurement systems.

Auto Body Repair Since 1970

Quality workmanship, family owned and staffed since 1970.

Our precision automotive repair services urilize leading technologies including our Car-O-Liner measurement system. This system is able to measure a car frame alignment within the same thickness as a dime!

Our state-of-the-art Garmat Spray Booths filter out dirt and excess paint from the air which results in the perfect spray and finish.

We have been using top quality Akzo-Nobel Sikkens Automotive paint brands for over twenty-six years.

Paint and Protection

Achieving a quality paint job and longevity from your vehicles paint and shine comes down to the implementation and preparation before and after the spray. By completely controlling the environment with correct air flow, lighting, insulation, and humidity, we are able to achieve a more consistent paint job with no runs.

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