“If you want work done on your car, and you want it done correctly there is no other place I would recommend than Greg's Auto Body. He has well over 40 years in the Business and takes great pride in his work...But most importantly customer satisfaction is his priority.”

Linda Martinez
Owner, Queen of Credit Restoration
Los Angeles, CA

Restoring Classics

The experts at Greg’s Auto Body can help out with any auto restoration. This shop is equipped with the necessary parts and auto technicians to get the job done right. Auto restoration services:

  • Upholstery restoration
  • Windshield replacement
  • Paint restoration
  • Part replacement


“Greg is a long-time operator of two highly regarded and respected body shops in Santa Fe Springs and Whittier. I have both recommended him and know many individuals and companies who have utilized his services. In each and every case I have received glowing reports of the wonderful service he provides to his customers. I would highly recommend Greg's Auto Body to any individual or business.”

Bruce Bertram
Director of Marketing
Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce
Santa Fe Springs, CA

Auto Restoration

Beautifully crafted auto restoration.

Auto restoration is a passion of people all over the world who enjoy cars. Some classic car shops are full of beautifully restored cars that run like they did when they were new. This is usually a lengthy process and takes care and dedication. Car restoration involves taking a degraded car and renovating it to the original specifications. Some parts and materials cannot be replaced for authentic ones and have to be made from parts that are around today. Complete restorations involve fixing up the parts of the car that are seen as well as the parts that are not. Each part of the car should be repaired or replaced with to make sure everything works.

The first step in an auto restoration process is the disassembly of the car. This step involves removing all of the parts to clean everything out. This step is also when broken and damaged parts are replaced for new ones. Wooden and metal parts are generally stripped of paint and repaired to remove any damage from rust or decay. They can also be coated to prevent future rust buildup or decay before they are put back in place. The frame of the car also undergoes cleaning and repairs during the disassembly and it is then coated to match the original specifications of the manufacturer.

Repairs to the interior are usually necessary with a car restoration. The seats and interior gauges should be cleaned, repaired and replaced to make sure everything works as it should. The main goal of a restoration is to get a car back to the way it was supposed to be when it was first sold. Most people do not upgrade the electronics in the car to keep with the authentic restoration process. The exterior and the engine repairs are extensive in a proper auto restoration. Every piece needs to be examined for signs of wear and repaired to factory specifications. Some restored cars lose their original engines because of excessive wear and damage. Everything should be done to keep the original engine intact or use a similar engine. Once all of this is accomplished, the car is ready to be painted and put back together. If everything is done right, the car should run like new when it is fully reassembled.

A lifetime warranty is offered on repairs through Greg’s. The environment is important to Greg’s Auto Body and they use materials that comply with all laws and regulations in the state of California. Auto restorations are made easy with the help of Greg’s Auto Body.

Classic Car Auto Restoration Photos

Upholstery Restoration

Repair your classic car back to it's original condition.

IWindshield Replacement

Greg's Auto can replace the windshield in any classic car.

Part / Paint Restoration

We can not only restore the paint and all of your classic car parts.