Trusted Service

Greg's Auto Body is well-respected by our customers, but, perhaps even more importantly, we are well-liked by their insurance companies. We were selected by one insurance company for inclusion as a facility to their Immediate Repair Program (IRP). We listed some of their qualification requirements below.

  • Highly skilled technicians
  • Excellent customer service
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Strong reputation with the community
  • A history of superior performance
  • State insurance validation facility
  • Exceeds AQMD requirements


“If you want work done on your car, and you want it done correctly there is no other place I would recommend than Greg's Auto Body. He has well over 40 years in the Business and takes great pride in his work...But most importantly customer satisfaction is his priority."

Linda Martinez
Owner, Queen of Credit Restoration
Los Angeles, CA


“Greg is very involved in the community. I see him at Chamber events around town. He has a great reputation as a man of his word. I highly recommend Greg.”

Bruce Lazenby
Executive Director of Business Development
Rose Hills Company
Whittier, CA

Auto Repair Services

Servicing our community since 1970.

You’re sitting at a stop light when out of nowhere this SUV comes up behind you and bumps your back-end. Clearly, he wasn’t paying attention. However, no one was hurt except your car. It’s a familiar scenario, and one which can be stressful. The police are involved, you have to make a formal statement, and there is likely quite a bit of arguing back and forth about who, exactly, was at fault.

To make matters worse, you now have a nasty dent in the back of your car, or maybe even have a busted taillight or two. When this happens, you need an auto repair service you can trust: someone with over forty years of experience in body work who can make your car look good as new.

You need Greg’s Auto Body. We staff only thoroughly trained technicians so that the job gets done right the first time, every time. And when we say we have over forty years of experience, we mean it. The original owner, Greg Gunter, is still involved with all operations. We’ve been here since 1970, working hard to undo the damage done by car accidents.

Auto repair for the body of your car is much more than banging out dents. Each piece of your car contributes in some way to the overall performance. Even the humble bumper is tasked with protecting the safety systems within your car. A bumper that is poorly installed or repaired can reduce its effectiveness in a crash, possibly resulting in more severe damage to your vehicle’s operational parts, such as the muffler or fan belt. This is why it is so important to not just repair the body damage to your vehicle, but to find a professional whom you can trust in order to make lasting and effective repairs.

Auto Repair Service Photos

We’ve proven ourselves to insurance companies. Let us prove ourselves to you. If you’ve been in a car accident and you need a body and auto repair shop you can trust, give Greg’s Auto Body a call today!

Bumper Repair

Greg's Auto Body can make your damaged bumper look like new.

Dent Repair

We can fix any dent on your car, leaving a smooth finish.

Paint Repair

Correct any scratches on your car with our flawless touch ups.